27 - 30 April 2014
Menaggio, Italy

The path that links cosmic-ray electrons, radio noise, massive stars in gas-rich galaxies is made of small contiguous steps, and multifrequency observations (X-ray, optical, NIR, FIR, radio) provide the connecting wire.

This "panchromatic approach" is now widely accepted as the modern key to understand galaxies, unlike in the 70' when Peppo started his career. At that time it was treated with some skepticism by a scientific community organized in narrow compartments.

Taking the excuse of Peppo's 65th birthday, his best friends gather again to celebrate the "colors of galaxies".

  • A. Boselli - LAM Marseille
  • L. Cortese - Swinburne Melbourne
  • G. Gavazzi - Università di Milano Bicocca
  • S. Zibetti - INAF Firenze