The X-ray luminosity function of galaxies in the Coma cluster

Finoguenov A., Briel U.G., Henry J.P., Gavazzi G., Iglesias-Paramo J., Boselli A.,

The XMM-Newton survey of the Coma cluster of galaxies covered an area of two square degrees by a mosaic of 16 pointings with a total useful integration time of 400 ksec. The detected point-like X-ray sources were identified with catalogued galaxies in the Coma cluster region. The redshift information, which is abundant in this region of the sky allowed us to separate cluster members from background AGNs, which turned out to follow a typical LogN-LogS. The X-ray emission from the cluster galaxies is principally due to the thermal emission from the gas in both early and late type galaxies, with contributions from AGN activity and star-formation, in particular from interacting galaxies (including dwarfs). The luminosities of Coma galaxies lie in the 10^39-10^41 ergs/s interval for the 0.5-2 keV band. The luminosity function of Coma galaxies reveals that the X-ray activity of the cluster galaxies is suppressed with respect to the field by a factor of 5.6.

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