Spectrophotometry of galaxies in the Virgo cluster.II: The data

G. Gavazzi, A. Zaccardo, G. Sanvito, A. Boselli, C. Bonfanti

Drift-scan mode (3600-6800\AA) spectra with 500< R < 1000 resolution are presented for 333 galaxies members to nearby clusters, covering the whole Hubble sequence. The majority (225) were obtained for galaxies in the Virgo cluster where a completeness of 36%, if all Hubble types are considered, and of 51%, restricting to late-types, was reached at m_p<16. Our data can be therefore considered representative of the integrated spectral properties of giant and dwarf galaxies in this cluster. Intensities and equivalent widths (EWs) are derived for the principal lines, both in emission and in absorption. Deblending of the underlying absorption from emission was achieved in most cases.

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