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Recent papers:

  • 2006: Witnessing galaxy preprocessing in the local Universe: the case of the starbursting group infalling into Abell1367

  • 2006: Environmental Effects on Late-Type Galaxies in Nearby Clusters.

  • 2004: The structure of elliptical galaxies in the Virgo cluster. Results from the INT Wide Field Survey

  • 2004: Completing HI observations of galaxies in the Virgo Cluster

  • 2004: Mid-IR emission of galaxies in the Virgo cluster and in the Coma supercluster.IV. The nature of the dust heating sources

  • 2004: Multiple merging in the Abell cluster 1367

  • 2004: The X-ray luminosity function of galaxies in the Coma cluster

  • 2004: Spectrophotometry of galaxies in the Virgo cluster.II: The data

  • 2004: An extragalactic HII region in the Virgo cluster

  • 2003: The UV luminosity function of nearby clusters of galaxies

  • 2003: Capturing a star formation burst in galaxies infalling onto the cluster Abell 1367

  • 2003: UV to radio centimetric spectral energy distributions of optically-selected late-type galaxies in the Virgo cluster

  • 2003: Introducing GOLD Mine: A new Galaxy Database on the WEB

  • Specific references to GOLD Mine data