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All material present on this site web was generated, authored and/or preparated by the GOLD Mine Team. This material is covered by Copyright GOLD Mine 2002. All information, data and imaging may by freely used as in the public domain (expecially for divulgation, information and private use, not for commercial use) in accordance with the GOLD Mine contract.

It is requested that in any subsequent use of this work, GOLD Mine and the University of Milano-Bicocca be given appropriate acknowledgement to this site.

GOLD Mine further requests voluntary reporting of all use, derivative creation, and other alteration of this work. Such reporting should be sent to: .

GOLD Mine possibly contains material generated, authored and/or preparated by individuals or istitutions other than GOLD Mine. These Istitutions or individuals may claim copyright. Should you desire to use such material at this time you may contact these istitutions or individuals.

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GOLD Mine declines every responsability for the use of data and information present in this Web site. The avaiability of GOLD Mine materials on this web site does not imply the endorsement of GOLD Mine or by any GOLD Mine employee of any private use of such materials, including any commercial use.

If a recognizable person appears in a photograph, use for commercial purposes may infringe a right of privacy or publicity and permission should be obtained from the recognizable person.

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